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A great start to 2022 for PAPAartis!

The year has begun strongly for the PAPAartis team with recruitment of patients to our clinical trial continuing at a rapid pace. The PAPAartis trial aims to prove the effectiveness of the MISACE procedure in reducing the number of paraplegia cases which may arise due to open or endovascular surgery. We are currently recruiting patients who are undergoing treatment for thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm.

We are delighted to say that St Bartholomews Hospital in London and a third site in Leipzig have been initiated and will be ready to begin recruitment soon. We also look forward to welcoming University Hospital in Vienna to the group of actively recruiting sites in the very near future.

With the project progressing rapidly, we will be holding a meeting of the PAPAartis consortium in mid-February to discuss the advances to date and ensure we have optimum plans for the next stage of the initiative. Watch this space for further updates!


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